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Icy B

About The Author

I was born in “84” in Trenton, New Jersey, the slums.  I didn’t meet my father until later on in life and the only reason I met him was because I was too much for my great grandmother 2 handle.  My mother had 5 kids and my great grandmother took us all in after our mother became addicted to crack.  Shortly after, I became addicted 2 the streets and everything the streets had to offer; from stealing cars 2 selling drugs and committing robberies.   I spent most of my youth in and out of juvenile detention centers.  The only thing that really held my attention other than the streets was boxing; so I took up boxing.  I loved fighting.  But at the end of the day I wasn’t a professional, so it did not put any money in my pockets.  I had 2 turn to the only thing I thought I knew at that time, the streets.  I’m currently locked up now for a crime that I’m still fighting.  I’ll be home real soon.  I started 2 occupy my time by writing books and short stories.  Over the years I’ve read a lot of hood books that was far from the truth and those who don’t really know how the streets is.  My goal is 2 bring it 2 you direct.


About Exit 7A

Butter a young capo who grew up under the provision of a notorious crime boss by the name of Major is faced with decisions that will determine if he truly is true to the game or not.  Butter promises to bring to justice the rat whose responsible for putting Major behind bars.  With the feds hot on the young fly crime family’s case and rival stick up kids deciding that they want a piece of the pie; will Butter prove his gangsta or will he fold his hand.  But with decisions to make and questions to be answered Butter has one question for everyone and he’ll stop at nothing until he finds an answer.  No matter how much money he makes, Butter realizes that it won’t prove his boss (Major) innocence but death will.  Who does he have to kill and will he take it there?  The most anticipated question is will this ruthless young fly crime family be bought to justice by the feds or will the young fly crime family find justice through the streets?

Author Q&A


  1. Describe your earliest memory of writing.
    My earliest memory of writing was in 2007.
  1. What drew you to become a writer?
    I’m from the streets and a hustler is always gonna have a hustle no matter what.  So when the judge sat there and sentenced me 2 10 years in prison; the only thing I could think about besides my time was, what am I gonna do to make money.
  1. Which writers do you admire, and which ones influenced you.
    The writer that I admire and the one who influenced me is James Patterson.
  1. Do you base any of your characters on real life people?
    Most of my characters are based on real life people.  Truthfully I don’t think any character that I have written about that is not based on a real life person.
  1. Do you plan your books before you begin or do you let the story evolve as it goes along?
    My stories evolve as I go along.  I don’t plan anything, not even the character.  It gives me more freedom because I’m not bound by anything; I’m free to create anything or anyone as I write.
  1. What is your all time favorite novel?

My all time favorite novel other than my own will probably be Dutch written by    Butch or C-murder:death around the corner.

Address: Isaiah Johnson

P.O. Box 363

Baldwin, NY 11510


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Tuere Barnes

About The Author

Tuere “Ray” Barnes an individualist, born on September 30, 1982 in the Northeast section of the Bronx, New York. During his childhood he wrote spasmodically! But now with a semester of college behind him, he has ascended to prominence. His writing abilities along with his mellifluous metaphors are what make his poems “scintillating”. His luxuriant knack for perfection is evident in every sentence written. Surprisingly, he just started seriously writing in 2006 when his focus was on becoming a novelist along with his older brother (Yusef). Collectively the two founded their own publishing company. Within 22 months a vast amount of books were written, which are all scheduled to be released in the near future. The titles include the Lost Garden, Crown of the Wicked King, House of Chandel Parts 1 and 2. Prince Charming, City of Ra, Truth within a Lie, Bloodshed, What’s it Worth, Pushed to the limit, Tiger Move, Legend of Whisper, Blind Contract and When it Hits Home.

Contact info

FaceBook: blackmayor11@hotmail.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/blackgovernmentpublishing

Email: blackgovernmentpublishing@yahoo.com

Website: blackmayor.webs.com


Author Q&A

  1. What is your name and where are you from?  Tuere Barnes also known as Ray! I am from Peekskill New York.
  2. How old are you?   27 Years old.
  3. Who or what inspired you to become an Author?   Basically life itself; just the overall experience of coming to jail at the age of 21. I used writing as a way to express myself; an outlet to share my view with others. I read a lot of hood books and I felt like a lot of them lacked substance so I wanted to bring something different to the Game.
  4. Who in the literary world do you give props?  My brother Icy B for giving me an opportunity of a life-time. Make sure ya’ll buy his book “Exit 7A”.
  5. Is this your first novel, and do you plan 2 continue to write?  Actually this is my third book I wrote, but my second one to be published. My first book is Pushed 2 The Limit. It can be purchased at www.Blackmayor.webs.com
  6. Is there anyone in your novel that you can relate 2; if so who and why?  Yes I try to relate to all of the characters in my Books, so you can pretty much say all of my characters have at least one characteristic of mine.
  7. What are some of your Goals for the future?  To win my appeal and get out of jail soon! Maybe do some live poetry and to eventually have my own line of greeting cards. I also want to write a horror fiction.
  8. Is there anything that you wanna say 2 your fans?  Thank you for reading my book. Feel free to contact me on Facebook (Tuere Barnes) and let me know what you think about my book. Please give me suggestions, tell me about a character you liked or even one you hate. Tell me if a scene reminded you of something personal. Also go to my webpage and view my poetry and read about my other books.

Check out Tuere’s short stories and poetry

Tuere Interview

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Leroy McClinton

About Leroy McClinton

Date of Birth: 5/28/90

Age: 21

From: New York City, Bronx

Height 5’7

Skin Color Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Things I Enjoy Doing:  Learning more about myself, working out, boxing for fun, writing poems, reading, going out with friends and having a good time, laughing, dating women, helping others, learning new things ect…

Women preferred:  Self loving, smart, conscious of her history and the worldly activities, open minded for new things, know where she wants to go and where she is headed, has high goals set for herself, independent, down to earth and open to try new things, must believe in God, beautiful personality good morals, 5’7 down to 5’2, nice skin, slim or thick, nice smile, soft hands, stand up woman, beautiful face, and most of all herself don’t matter where she goes, love to laugh.

Religion: Muslim

About Me: Self loving, high goals, independent, respectful, love to laugh, love to learn, handsome, 155 pounds, like to take constructive criticism, ambitious, like my self study time, dislike stupidity, very easy going.  Will not let no one stop me from achieving my goals, and single.

Education: GED Only

Address: Leroy McClinton #10A2191

72 Lock 11 Lane

P.O. Box 180

Comstock, NY 12821-0180

Click Here To Check Out Leroy’s Poetry

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